MNB Miniature Horses

The stud was founded in 2007 by a dynamic father & daughter duo who shared in their love for
Miniature Horses.

Their passion for the breed ultimately led them to
become one of the very first Miniature Horse Stud’s domiciled within the Western Cape Peninsula.

After ample forethought and extensive research, MNB’s breeding program was established. The aim was clear, to exploit the best bloodlines and improve thereon.Progenies of Multiple World Champions and American Imports spelled the beginning of MNB Miniature Horses.

MNB’s success lies within their ability to identify excellence, implement selection and striving towards refinement within their herd. This has led them to import and utilize some of the world’s finest bloodlines. To breed elegant miniature horses which ultimately inspire heart and soul.


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Chantall Nortje: 082 229 0219


Langeberg Ridge, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa

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